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Common info about support

Tiasoft is committed to satisfy the needs of our customers. The technical support group provides expertise in technical support to help ensure that our customers' technical questions and issues are quickly addressed.

Before you contact us, be sure to answer the following:

1. Look over what you are doing again and be sure you didn't miss a step or are doing something wrong. We can all be a bit inattentive at times.

2. If that doesn't work, take a look at our help file and FAQ, it may already contain the answer to your question. Many people have "How To" questions, which can already be found there.

Available FAQs:
     NetSecrets [e-mail] FAQ
     Tiasoft Secured Drive FAQ

3. If you don't find your answer there, visit our download page. You will find the newest version of our product there. If a serious bug has been found in our program and the new version is not ready yet, we will be happy to do a "hot fix" for it. But if you still have a problem, then just contact technical support.

Contact our technical support group

If you still have questions or comments, please send us an email message.

Note: Make sure that your message contains a valid return address. In particular, be sure to remove the "anti-spamming" parts, if any, from your return address.

Note to AOL members: Make sure your AOL Mail Controls are not set to block Internet email. If you have Internet email blocked, you will need to update your AOL Mail Controls. To make this update, enter the AOL Keyword Mail Controls on AOL.

E-mail support: support@tiasoft.com

We try to always quickly respond to questions submitted at the above email address in the order they are received. Normally, we answer within a few hours, and registered users have first priority. Our staff is available to answer your queries during normal European working hours 7 days for week.

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We publish information you will find useful about our products, such as version upgrades, etc. It's an easy way to get news and new information quickly.

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