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NetSecrets [e-mail] 2.4

Introducing the NetSecrets [e-mail]

In today's workplace, email use has skyrocketed. Businesses are increasingly recognizing the benefits of providing email as the primary means of communicating with customers, partners, and the rest of the world. While many companies are taking care to monitor network use, too few pay attention to what is traveling into and out of their organization through email.

Do you know how much "non-business" related email has being sent through your system?

Do you know how much time your staff spends on "non-business" correspondence?

This is the reason we created NetSecrets [e-mail] - a first real-time network analyzer designed to make the complex tasks of monitoring e-mail traffic easy. Using new capture technology, it makes two simple functions - captures e-mail messages in the network and sends them on your address for further viewing. Whether you're the advanced technical specialist or simple user, NetSecrets [e-mail] can help you control and analyze information in your network better than ever before.

What you can do with NetSecrets [e-mail]:
  • Prevent Confidential Data Loss - control the unauthorized transmission of email containing intellectual property or other confidential data.
  • Enhance Email Server Productivity - reduce your server workload by controlling and preventing non-business email passing through your system.
  • Improve Employee Productivity - discourage excessive personal use of email depending on your organization's specific email policy.

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