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Fast Cash Biz Review

Fast Cash Biz is a free software platform which lets people trade binary options and also provides binary signals which tells them what to buy and what to sell at the right time to earn maximum profits on their investment. The program is uniquely designed to adapt to all market conditions so that the participants’ bank accounts continually keep on growing. How does the App Works? This App is basically the best possible wealth creation strategy for any individual in [...]

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Market update: waiting for the Greece…

Many interesting moves occured last week on the currencies market. In this update we are going to check this upcoming week's news calendar, but we are also going to analyse the relativity of many the candlestick technique (Nison) with the example of NZDUSD. Indeed, a very promising trade went wrong this week, which stress the importaance of placing a judicious Stop Loss in every trade... The news that may impact the market this week are the followings: Monday 10:30am GBP [...]

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Deciphering news

This upcoming week is to be an exciting one about news. First and foremost, it is capital to know, when reading the news calendar, toknow what is the news that really impacts the market. Indded, you can easily get lost in the amount of releases and be tenmpted to trade an unsignificant news or to waste time waiting for a price move that will never come. Below is this week's calendar with, in Bold, the news that we will consider: [...]

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Deciphering news

  This week is to be an exciting one for much interesting news will be released. However, when reading the economic calendar, is can be easy to get lost in confusion for the layman. Indeed, before entering the news trading arena, better know what kind of news is worth trading instead of wasting time and precious ressources for nothing. Below is this week's calendar within Bold the news that may really impact the market (New York time): Mon Jun 15 [...]

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Market update: GBPUSD in the crosshair

We are writing this update as the NZD number has been release. The deviation allows a short trade for about 40 Pips tha we may however control before the USD news on this thursday. Right now, we still focus on GBPUSD news on this Thursday. We should expect from now on a GBP drop. However, we must be cautious for the FOCM rates and speech triggered off another huge GBP rise and the GBPUSD pair is now "ranging". The number [...]

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Market Update: after the USD twister

  It is 9h00 PM (Paris time) as we are writing this update on this Wednesday 24 June. As planned in our "prenews" theory, it was possible to cash in this week with the USD GDP Forecast number. Indeed, the deviation was more than enough to predict a sharp rise of the USDCAD and USDJPY pairs. As we can see on the following graphs below, there were many long call trades opportunities:  On a 1h time frame on USDCAD we [...]

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Market update: USD’s GDP in focus

Note: we are writing this article at 11.00pm (Paris time)right after market opening. Here is the interesting news this to trade: Monday 14:00 USD Existing Home Sales (MAY) Low 5.23M 5.04M Records sales of previously owned homes in the United States. This news can’t be traded ahead. However, if the released number is superior or equal to 0.4, we can expect a 40 to 70-Pip move in the direction of the ACTUAL number. The pairs to trade in priority are: [...]

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Market Update Jun 05, 2015

Market update Friday 05 One hour before the US market opening, here is the market overview: EURUSD After a rise this morning, EURUSD sold off in the late morning. The pair is especially expected to react, even shortly, at the NFP release (70 Pips move expected if deviation is about 70K-50K. We must remain cautious about any news from Greece that may affect the price’s direction. USDCAD Because of rumors and fear about the OPEC, the pair rose yesterday and [...]

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Market Watchdog Jun 04, 2015

Market Watchdog Jun 04, 2015 Here is a Forex market update at the time 5.45pm (Paris time). The interesting news for Friday is: All Day ALL OPEC Meetings 2:30pm CAD Employment Change 10.2K -19.7K CAD Unemployment Rate 6.8% 6.8% CAD Labor Productivity q/q 0.2% -0.1% USD Non-Farm Employment Change 226K 223K USD Unemployment Rate 5.4% 5.4%   By the time we are writing this article, a Bearish engulfing pattern has appeared on the USDCAD pair. This is the premise of [...]

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Pivot Points June 4, 2015

Pivot Points of June 4, 2015 (intraday) Cac 40 (NYSE Liffe) (M5) intraday Pivot : 5085 Dow Jones (CME) (M5) intraday Pivot : 17990 Dax (Eurex) (M5) intraday Pivot : 11515 EUR/USD intraday Pivot : 1,119 OR intraday Pivot : 1187 Brent (ICE) (N5) intraday Pivot : 64,7

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Daily Pivot Points



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